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• We encourage students who have the skills, talent and aptitude join us as interns under our hands-on internship training programme as, "THE NVRON VIDHYALAYA " which prepares students to transform the classrooms into cubicles Nvron is committed to providing students the best of opportunities and materials to support their pursuit of pharmaceuticals both in marketing and manufacturing .

• THE NVRON VIDHYALAYA is a great platform for students to interact with the professionals on the latest developments in marketing, research and technology. THE NVRON VIDHYALAYA is the a global centre of education initiative designed to connect students across India with pioneers in the industry to inspire and motivate the development of future professionals

• The advantage of Internship experience is that it ensures its students learn the operational nuances of the pharmaceutical world simultaneously with completing the academic requirements of an assigned project.

Campus Recruitment /General Recruitment

We also do campus recruitments as we have partnerships with pharmacy and management institutes across the country. To learn more about our campus recruitment initiatives or to become a part of our Campus Recruitment drive write in to, info@nvronlifescience.com

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