Our Mission 

To Impact, 1 Billion People's Lives Globally

Our Team: The Pillars of Nvron's Success

At Nvron, people are our greatest strength. Our diverse and versatile team members are the pillars shaping our company strategy and achieving our goals. Each individual brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, making us a formidable force in the pharmaceutical industry

The Nvron Journey: A Scientific Odyssey for Clinicians

Deepening Medical Excellence Through Proven Efficacy


Welcome esteemed clinicians and medical professionals to the distinctive journey of Nvron Life Science Ltd. Guided by our founder, Rtn. PHF. SCB Santhosh Kumar, we began in 2013 with a bold vision: to touch 1 billion lives globally. Over the years, we've made significant strides through rigorous scientific research, unparalleled quality assurance, and impactful community initiatives.

A Humble Commencement (2013)

Nvron emerged in 2013, rooted in a mission to improve global health. It was in 2015 that we evolved into a public limited entity, strategically positioning ourselves in the challenging landscape of pharmaceuticals. Our passion for medical innovation became our driving force.

Cornerstone in Cardiology (2015)

Our foray into Cardiology and Critical Care was far from ordinary. We debuted with revolutionary products like Doparon (dopamin) and Dobutron (dobutamine), which set new benchmarks for rapid action and quality. The rapid effectiveness of these medications—yielding clinical results within 20-30 seconds—cemented our reputation for excellence in cardiac care. Adding to this is our highly economical Bisoron, making quality healthcare accessible to a broader demographic.


Expanding Clinical Options (2013-2014)

We exponentially widened our product range, covering both cardiac and diabetic care. Signature products like Rosuviron, Clopiron, Vogliron, Telviron, One on XL & AM, Metiviron, Lipiviron, and Pragaron Plus are more than just drugs; they are trusted clinical solutions backed by rigorous science, serving as the backbone of many treatment protocols.

A New Era in General Medicine (2014-2015)

Our general division, launched in 2014-2015, included a unique selection of medications like Amloron, Moxiron Cv, Multyviron, and Aceviron P&Sp. As we extended our footprint to South India, our contribution to general medicine began garnering regional trust.

Specialized Therapeutics (2016-2017)

Our evolutionary journey saw the launch of specialized products like Ramiron, Telviron H 40, and Telviron AM 40 in 2016, as well as the inception of our Gynecology Division. The pharmaceutical market responded exceptionally well, especially within the clinical community who noted the uncompromising safety, quality, and efficacy of our solutions.

Beyond the Prescription Pad (2017)

Our commitment to medical education led to the launch of the Medical Information Clear YouTube channel, a digital repository rich in clinical insights. The channel now boasts over 170,000 subscribers, spanning multiple languages, thereby equipping the global medical community with updated knowledge.

Dynamic Ventures (2019-2020)

In 2019, we amplified our infrastructural capabilities by establishing a Hygiene Product Manufacturing facility in Coimbatore. Simultaneously, our in-house R&D department began to blossom. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we swiftly adapted, manufacturing essential hygiene products like Isoprodot Sanitizer, Isoprodot CHG, and Isoprodot Disinfectant, contributing to nationwide healthcare initiatives.


Recent Milestones (2022-2023)

Our recent accolades include receiving pharmaceutical manufacturing approval in Himachal Pradesh's Bilaspur district in 2022. In 2023, our presence as an exhibition partner at PharmaMac South 2023 endorsed our standing as an industry leader.

Your trust and the unwavering commitment to clinical excellence empower us to continuously innovate. As you browse through our offerings, know that each product is a testament to our scientific rigor and commitment to improving lives. Thank you for making us your clinical partner of choice.


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